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Bible Puppets

Bible Puppets

Bible Puppets

These puppets were made as a favour for a friend to amuse the little ones at her church. I figured that they could be fun and yet educational too! *syrupy grin*

They are all characters from stories in the Bible because I wanted to be able to do something fun with each of them and I thought that the grown ups could use them to tell stories to the kiddies.

I was specifically banned from making Jezebel, Leviathan or any locust beasties from Revelation :(

From top to bottom and left to right we have:

Queen Esther and her shiny crown

Joseph and his lovely coat of many colours (how I love my coat of many colours…*ahem*)

A very angry Moses and the burning bush

King David and his harp

Camp looking Noah and some escaped lizards from the arc

Jacob and a sheep (the song says he spent all of his days in the fields with sheep, Andrew Lloyd Webber = gospel)

Hideous whale beast of my nightmares to eat Jonah finger puppet

Deborah and the tree she sat under to judge Israel

Daniel and finger puppet lions (arr raaah raah)

Scary looking Gabriel bringing the good news about sparkly felt

Beardy disciple Peter being a fisher of… erm… fish

Not as creepy as my usual stuff, but it did keep me out of trouble for a few days. I did enjoy making the finger puppet lions (if I’d had it my way they would have been much toothier but I didn’t want to scare the kids…)

I, on the other hand, was much more scared of the whale puppet. I had to keep it locked in a trunk in my room incase it crawled out in the night and came to get me with it’s thumbs *shudder*

With it’s thumbs…

HH x



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