Kitty Cat Hat

This is also my best impression of Deadly Knitshade...

This is also my best impression of Deadly Knitshade...

I am of the general opinion that there are few objects which are not vastly improved by the addition of cat ears.

This fabulous hat is my version of the Kitty Cat Hat in the first Stitch and Bitch Book by Debbie Stoller. I made it for Princess Squishabelle’s birthday because she is lovely and has been asking me for one for years :)

I have customised it by adding pink felt to the inside of the ears and big pink felt stars to the bottom of the i-cord. When I rule the world I am going to make everything pink…

Kitty Hat


This is my first non-rectangular knitting project so big thank yous to Loocy Goose who gave me a lot of help and encouragement (not to mention all the needles and yarn…) and the Cake and Make girls who helped me transfer it from circulars to double pointed needles – I will never forget the look on my housemate’s face as she tried to walk through our living room, only to find her path blocked by four sweaty and exhausted looking women who appeared to be wrestling a small black object.

Confused Housemate – ‘What on earth are you doing?’

Us – ‘Knitting!’


I am very proud of it, even if it came out slightly too big (which is ok because Princess Squishabelle happens to reign the Kingdom of Enormous Hair).

Must go, these zombies aren’t going to crochet themselves…

HH x



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6 responses to “Kitty Cat Hat

  1. I love it. The big haired-people of the world will all want one.

    However you will never improve on this photo:

    Ears - By Laura P

  2. holyhandcrafter

    You win *takes off hat*

  3. Cute ears! It’s a pattern I have never bothered to even consider but seeing it with the pink felt, cute!

    BTW, the HHA photo beats the Deadly Knitshade photo…sorry :(

  4. holyhandcrafter

    Thanks, claire :) You should give the pattern a go – it wasn’t too hard and I think it came out great. Deadly Knitshade is the inspiration for that photo, so I think she wear it best :)

  5. Great cat hat. I might have to make one now I’ve seen yours!

  6. What a lovely hat indeed.
    I can only dream of such one for the upcoming winter.


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