Vampire Sock Bunny



This is Vampire Sock Bunny.

He was a special project for a good friend of mine and got posted to her with a note he had written himself that said ‘pleese look after me’ (he can’t spell too good). He was a bit nervous about going in the post, but I am told he arrived ok.

He may look vicious but he wants everyone to know that he is a vegetarian and his favourite food is ketchup.

Vampire Sock Bunny

Vampire Sock Bunny

He is another sock creature. They are very simple to make and I managed to create him in one evening, which is just as well cos since I have started this blog I now have a long list of people who want a sock monster of their own… hee hee :)

His ears are stuffed with cotton wool balls, which is a great idea as they hold the shape really nicely so you don’t have to use any wire.

Got to go, let’s just say I am doing piratey things…

HH x



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3 responses to “Vampire Sock Bunny

  1. Vatic

    I want a vampire pirate bat bunny sock monster thing… yes. And it could have bitey piranha teefs like the goblinska does.

    Whays ye HHoA?

  2. Vatic

    Oh and that’s as well as, not instead the wampyrbat one… lol


  3. holyhandcrafter

    Goblinskee has the biteyest teefs.

    You are next in my sock monster list after I have finished making something piratey for my sister :)

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