The Teeth Monster

Arrrg raaaar raaargh

Arrrg raaaar raaargh

This is the Teeth Monster, another creation that got sent to live at the Monkey House with Gigantor and the Vampire Cake Baker.

The inspiration for the Teeth Monster struck me late one dark and foggy night, when the moon was full and the shadows were long. The drive to create flowed through my cold veins and I knew then that another hideous monster must be born…  (I do get carried away with this whole goth thing sometimes)

Teeth Monster Tail

Teeth Monster Tail

He is made from some Cute and Evil offcuts, a couple of gloves, a sock, some buttons, felt, a small pony, lollipops, bubblegum, and some goblin magic. *

He is largely inspired by my love of piranhas.

I hope you love him as I do, as he is terribly misunderstood. I am told that he is very well cared for at the Monkey House and has made many friends (even if he does have a habit of chewing on them sometimes).

Must dash, the goblins have thrown yarn all over my bedroom again.

HH x

*Some of this is LIES!



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4 responses to “The Teeth Monster

  1. I like him. He has an excellent jaw of death.

  2. Shockyarn aka yer Mam

    That is the spit of Esther Rantzen! Gorgeous.

  3. Wow, I’m so grateful I found this, because in the beginning of my wedding it provides me with so much information in order to prepare my event!

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