Monster Cake

Grumpy Monster

Grumpy Monster

This grumpy little monster was another Helen and Sophie creation, this time in honour of Loocy Goose’s birthday.

Monster Tail

Monster Tail

I mentioned that the Invader Zim cake was stripey inside, right? Well this is what I meant…

Stripey Cake!

Stripey Cake!

I think he looks grumpy because he knows he’s about to be eaten. He did get his revenge on us though – I think everyone left feeling slightly queasy from all the sugar and food colouring, which is a damn fine way to do a birthday party in my humble opinion!

The stripes inside are made by sandwiching 4 different coloured cakes together with jam – really simple but really effective. Also totally worth the look on Loocy’s face when she cut it open (she was the only one who didn’t realise that Helen and I were up to something).

The outside is buttercream again, which works really nicely for sandwiching 4 cakes together because it’s so thick.

Thanks go to the Vampire Cake Baker for her help and advice on this one, look out for a few of her creations sneaking their way onto my blog in the future…

HH x


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  1. I like his eyebrows :)

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