Jimmy the Sock Monster

Jimmy Wants Muffins

Jimmy Wants Muffins

This is Jimmy.

He sprang out of my head one rainy day, and demanded that I create him.

Jimmy is a very simple Sock Monster, made of one stripey sock, two buttons and a whole load of mischief. He likes eating sweets and watching the telly. Jimmy’s favourite thing in the world world is muffins.

I sent him to live with some friends of mine at the Monkey House in Camden Town and I am told that he is very happy living amongst their other creatures.

Jimmy was constructed by splitting the top of one sock, stuffing and sewing them together (in the shape of bunny ears), sewing along the heel to make a mouth and then making a smaller split at the bottom, and stuffing it to make tiny stubby legs.

He is mostly flat and has one eye bigger than the other because that makes him awesome.

Credit goes to Loocy Goose for the pattern.

HH x



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2 responses to “Jimmy the Sock Monster

  1. I hope you washed the socks.

    I love his mismatched eye size. All evil should have mismatched eyes.

  2. Supercute. Especially the eyes…

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